Identity Theft/Fraud Scams/Unemployment Fraud

If you have been the victim of unemployemnt fraud connected to Federal Pandemic Unemployment Asistance (PUA) you can follow this link below to the PA Unemployment website to follow the steps for reporting the false claim.

Sign of unemployment fraud include:

Individuals receiving unrequested unemployment paperwork from Labor and Industry’s (L&I) Office of Unemployment Compensation (UC).

Individuals receiving unemployment benefit payments they did not apply for from the Pennsylvania Treasury.

Employers receiving notice that a claim has been opened for a current employee who is actively working, or an unknown person

What to do if you suspect fraud:

Traditional unemployment fraud should be reported online at the UC Benefits website, click “Report Fraud Here” at the bottom of the page to complete and submit the Identity Theft Form. Do not log in.

Fraud connected to the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program should click the link below.

Victim who are legitimately collecting unemployment, but their accounts have been hijacked and money rerouted should call the Fraud Hotline at 800-692-7469.

Victims who receive checks or US Bank debit cards in the mail should return them to L&I with a brief signed statement as to the reason for the return, as well as a phone number and email address. Checks should be marked VOID. Both checks and debit cards should be returned to:

Pennsylvania Treasury
651 Boas Street, Room 400
L&I Building
Harrisburg, PA 17120

You can report COVID related Unemployment Fraud to the police department by calling 814-765-1533

To submit a complaint to the PA Attorney General, regarding scams, landlord tenants law, home improvement scams or any other type of scam you can contact the Attorney General’s office through the below link.

For steps to follow when you are the victim of IDENTITY THEFT follow the below link the Federal Trade Commisions Identity Theft Website. The site will walk you through the steps to get a recovery plan in place and to protect against Identity Theft from happening again.

OR for general information regarding Identity Theft go to the FTC website

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