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Sandy Township incorporated in 1878 from neighboring townships. A Township Police force was established by ordinance on August 3, 1953 with a Chief of Police, Assistant Chief of Police working a combined 66 hours per month assisted by a Patrolman on an as needed basis. Over the years, Sandy Township, like many Pennsylvania Townships, grew into a thriving economic hub increasing our population and a demand for full-time police services. Today, Sandy Township provides the community a full-service accredited law enforcement agency with a sworn strength of twelve (12) Police Officers.

21st Century Policing will require the need for police to continually transform to meet the needs of the community and compliance with existing and newly established legal standards. The Sandy Township Police strives for excellence, are committed to efficiency, and being good stewards of taxpayer dollars. We will evaluate new and innovative ways to deliver services to our community in order to avoid increasing the burden on taxpayers. We will look for ways to expand service and consistently improve the quality of service to our community.

Currently, fleet operations provide for a fleet of seven (7) vehicles: Three (3) Marked Sedans, (1) one Unmarked Sport Utility Vehicle, one (1) Unmarked Sedan, and two (2) Marked Sport Utility Vehicles.

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